About Us

Bangalore is fast emerging as the medical treatment hub in Asia. The modern infrastructure, the expert medical staff has all led to this growth. One of the highlights has been the link that the medical field has with Kayangdi Papanna.

History records that Kayangdi Papanna was a popular wrestler in the Akkipete area and had a Gardi Mane. He had trounced several stalwarts in the Mysore region and impressed by this the then King of Mysore bestowed the title of Ustad on Kayangdi Papanna. However one of the side effects of wrestling was the sprains, pulled muscles and fractures that wrestlers had to endure. Kayangdi Papanna is believed to have learnt to treat these effectively. Papanna’s oils and bandages were effective in treating his disciples. But soon his fame spread and not only were his students benefiting but the general public too.

This tradition of helping those in need was passed on from one generation to the next. K.P. Venkatesh the third generation practitioner was a qualified Ayurvedic doctor who brought in scientific methods and invented medicines.  K.P.Venkatesh was honored with numerous awards and recognitions for his works of charity. For long only a box was placed where patients would drop in the amount they could afford upon treatment.

The popularity of Kayangdi Papanna grew and saw the opening of a branch in Rajajinagar in 1988. Today the fourth and the fifth generation of the family run the clinics. Harish Babu has been instrumental in introducing physiotherapy and use modern machinery for the purpose of treatment. Dr. Praveen Babu the fifth generation practitioner has a medical degree and Masters  in Orthopaedics from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore.

Allopathy was thus introduced in 2005 and Dr. Praveen Babu has successfully used the information passed through generations and the scientific knowledge to treat patients more effectively. Today many oils and balms are prepared in the in house laboratories using modern technology yet the formula remains that of over one and a half century old.