Founder of this clinic. The late Kayangadi Papanna (a coconut seller by profession) is a well known wrestler ( ‘KUSTHI’) in the 18th century. He had trounced several stalwart pehlwans. Pleased by his feats, the then Mysore Maharaja Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV bestowed upon him the title ‘USTAD’ in 1876.

Late Kayangadi Papanna had hundreds of students who trained under him. During their classes and matches, it was common for them to suffer a bruise or sprain here, or a fall or pulled muscle there. That was what drove Papanna to learn how to treat them.

                    Ustad Papanna with his Students

The skills were learnt from a ‘pakeer’ on which he improvised. Along with his students he used to collect herbs from Chanapatana & Ramnagara to prepare medicines.

Dr K P Venkatesh RMP,

KPVFirst person in the family to study Ayurveda along with learning the family skills from his grandfather Late Kayangadi Papanna. Did his training in Madras (Chennai). Started looking after the Akkipet clinic. Sincere & dedicated to his profession. During his period he has treated patients not only from different parts of the country but also the world. Has treated many eminent persons like B D Jeethi (former Vice President of India), Dev Raj Urs (Former Chief Minister of Karnataka), Sri Nijalingappa (Formar Chief minster of Karnataka), Balakrishna & Prabakar ( Film Actors) to mention a few.

Dr K P Venkatesh with B D Jeethi (former Vice President of India)

He did intense research on Indian medicines. He formulated new medicines like ‘VATHA DHAMASANI THAILUM, ROCKET MULAM, CHANDANADI THAILUM and PRAKASH PAIN BALM. Also treated infertility, Sinusitis, . All this done at no cost, the patient could drop his contribution to a box, Recognizing his work the state government has sanctioned financial grants to him.

He trained his Sons and started branches for them in different parts of Bangalore of which the Rajajinagar clinic was opened on 25 October 1983