Our Practice

All routine trauma cases are handled here. Trauma can cause a simple sprain to open fractures. Based on the type of injury the treatment options vary from non operative management like splinting with Herbal Medicine (as shown in picture) to latest advanced surgical technology.

Arthroscopy (key-hole surgery of joints) is a minimally invasive surgical treatment for the treatment of joint diseases and sports injuries. A specialized telescope (arthroscope) is introduced to the joint using a small opening (portal) in the skin and surgery is performed by visualizing the joint through a TV monitor using specialized instruments introduced through another portal. The interior of the joint is not only visualized but also magnified, making the procedure more precise and less cumbersome. Moreover, arthroscopy is cosmetically more acceptable, ensures early rehabilitation and speedy recovery and gives less chance of infection. Common surgeries performed are ligament reconstructions, meniscal surgeries, loose body removal, surgeries for recurrent dislocations and cartilage surgeries.

Joint pain is a common problem in all ages, it could be due to various reasons like ligament sprain, ligament tear, infection, osteo arthritis(due to wear and tear), bursitis, loose bodie…. The treatment lies in the diagnosis on the problem, at which we are specialist. Most of the diagnosis is made on clinical examination however we use diagnostic test like x-rays¸ CT, MRI, for the confirmation of diagnosis also when we plan for a surgery. Osteoarthrits (wear and tear) of the knee joint is one of the common problems which can be graded radiologically into 4 grade based on the severiorty, of which grade 1-3 are treated by our medicated bandages. However grade 4 is better managed by surgical replacement of the joint.

The advantages of the bandage system is mobility where all daily routine activity can be done without any restrictions, there is no requirement for any bed rest or absence from work. It is safe without any side effects.

The advantage of our replacements is we retain the posterior cruciate ligament, patients walk the very next day and there is no need of painful physiotharpy

Modernization has given us spine problems due to various reasons like wrong sitting postures, ridding on bad roads, extensive weight lifting and bad sleeping habits.95 percentages of back problems can be treated by our medicated bandage and lifestyle modification. We have cured many patients advised surgery elsewhere with our treatment protocol. Surgery is rarely indicated if so it will be a minimum invasive procedure where the patient is made to walk within 2-3 days after surgery.